Why Warranties are Important for New Vinyl Windows in Boise, ID

If you are going to spend money on new vinyl windows, then it makes sense to optimize your spending and protect your investment. The cost of window replacement can be a big sum for many homeowners. But, it is a great upgrade because of all of the improvements that are available for your Boise, ID home. Installing new windows might be the right solution if you would like to improve the appearance and function of the property at the same time.

Warranty Shows the Manufacturer’s Commitment

Make sure to chose a reputable manufacturer when choosing new windows for your home. Since you are planning to spend a lot of money, it is essential that you choose materials that are built to last. You will enjoy these upgrades for many years if you choose quality, durable materials.

Some of the best manufacturers in the windows industry offer excellent warranty coverage. Not only do you have the peace of mind to know that you selected a reputable company. But, you have options for repair or replacement if something goes wrong after the installation is complete.

Reading the Fine Print on the Warranty Coverage

Take time to read the fine print for the warranty coverage. This information will help you see when you can file a claim if you encounter problems with the windows. For example, if water is leaking through due to a gap near the window frame, then you need to talk to your installation team about repair or replacement options.

In many situations, the warranty covers all parts of the windows: the sashes, frames, balances, hardware, moving parts, insulated glass, screen frames, and more. But, the exact coverage varies depending on the window manufacturer that you pick. So, you need to understand the coverage before agreeing to the installation.

One common reason why homeowners run into warranty issues is that of poor-quality installation. DIY window installation might seem like an option to save money. But, the fine print in the warranty usually specifies that professional installation is required to maintain the warranty coverage. An experienced installation team will not only improve the quality of your home. You can also rest assured to know that coverage is available if something goes wrong.

Broken Glass or Damaged Frames? Call the Experts
Even though you have new windows in your home, there are times when the glass might break, or damage can occur to the window frames. Calling your installation team is the first thing that you need to do. We can help you understand the warranty coverage that is available for your new windows.

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