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Viewpoint knows how important a big door system is to your home and we will help you understand the options available to you in today’s market. From sliding to folding to pocketing systems, multi slides and Lift and slides. There are a lot of options to choose from and we take into account your budget, layout, floor detail, use and weather exposure. There is a lot to think about when investing in a system that meshes the interior of your home with the exterior. Patio Living is on the increase and we want to make the system a seamless transition to the exterior for your family and guests. We have working door systems here at the showroom to help you make a decision. We recommend that these systems are secondary exits for your home and have proper overhangs to protect from weather. They are not meant to be used every day and are sometimes not kid friendly.

Below are a few of the basic options.

Folding Door Systems

These are the original big door systems. Not as popular as they used to be but they still fill a void for certain areas. They can be used as a man door and creates a 100% clear opening without using a pocket. This system can be installed in a 2x4 wall and can be either top hung or bottom hung. There are size limitations on this product. We have multiple manufacturers to choose from. We can supply the door system in vinyl, aluminum or wood clad depending on your surroundings.


The most popular system at the moment. These doors slide and stack over each other and have the option to be hidden in a pocket. They have what is called a fixed roller system, where the rollers are always engaged. There are very little limitations on the panel size. We have done 6’ wide and 14’ tall doors. These systems will require thicker walls and your flooring detail should be taken into account when choosing your door. There are multiple threshold options that can be integrated into a flush smooth floor, or 100% waterproof depending on your need. A screen system should also be talked about in the beginning with any large door system. We have multiple manufacturers to choose from depending on your specifications.

Lift and Slides

This is the big brother to the multi slide. This system is European in design and requires each door to be lifted up to have the rollers engaged. Used mainly on a flush floor application to help block out the wind and rain. Also use to keep the weight off the rollers on oversized doors over time. More expensive due to the unique hardware need to activate the door. Same rules apply to this door as the above Multi slides.

Patio & Large Specialty Doors Available from Great Manufacturers:

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