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Let View Point, Inc. transform your bathroom with a new shower door or enclosure. Every style to give that perfect look and feel to your home's bathroom. Serving Idaho including Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Twin Falls, and Ketchum.

Your home's worth more than any old shower. If you're looking for a way to update and freshen up your bathroom without breaking the bank then consider upgrading your showers doors!

The seamless design of a frameless shower door gives a sleek look to any bathroom. Made from durable tempered glass set with heavy-duty hinges to take the worry away from not having a traditional frame.

Shower doors are not the most exciting topic in a bathroom, but they need to be changed out every so often. Showers can hold up for years with only one set and then start leaking or cracking at some point- usually when you least expect it!

The best thing about installing new shower doors is that it can give any bathroom an instant facelift. Imagine the feel of smooth, cool glass against your skin while you wash up in private! There are so many styles and designs out there to choose from nowadays - all at affordable prices too. If this sounds good for your home improvement needs then get ready because we've got some great deals waiting just around the corner!

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Bi-fold style shower doors offer a unique entrance into your shower. Give your shower a some flare with the sleek operation of bi-fold doors.

Custom shower doors are exactly that. Turn your bathroom into a work of art with a large assortment of glass and frame options.

Semi-frameless shower doors are versatile options for any bathroom setting. Built strong and come in a wide range of options, this is always a great choice.

Framed shower doors are a durable option with a wide variety of frame styles to choose from to match any bathroom. Can't go wrong with the industry standard in shower doors.

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