Why Buy Milgard® Windows and Doors

  • Milgard® windows and doors are built in the Northwest for the harshest northwest climates
  • Industry-leading warranty includes parts and labor on all Milgard® residential  windows and doors
    • 10 year transferable homeowner to homeowner
  • Fully vertically integrated company, we manufacture our own vinyl frames from raw materials that include the best products to reduce overall weatherization maintaining a lasting durable frame system backed by the best warranty in the industry.
  • Milgard® pultrudes our own fiberglass frames from the best raw components
    • silica is an unlimited natural resource that will not diminish the environment
    •  Using fiberglass will not take up landfill space because fiberglass will endure for years in the home and will not need replacing like other frame materials will
  • Milgard® assembles our own insulated glass units.
    • Allows for exceptional quality control
    • Can achieve energy ratings far below federal minimums to reduce energy costs in your home
  • Seven premium exterior finishes available for upgraded exterior
    • Only Milgard® offers a lifetime warranty on painted exterior windows and doors
    • Tan and white are the standard frame colors
  • Tuscany and Montecito operable windows come with Smart Touch locks
    • Accredited by the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use
    • Style line lock is industry leading multi-point  Positive Action Lock
  • Many different Energy Star glazing options for maximum efficiency and improved thermal performance

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