Sierra Pacific Windows is one of the fastest growing wood and aluminum clad window companies in the United States today. With a complete product offering of both wood and extruded aluminum clad exterior windows and doors, Sierra Pacific offers the most popular sizes and shapes as standard, while custom orders are just a phone call away.

Sierra Pacific Windows is a division of Sierra Pacific Industries. SPI is a private California corporation owned by the Emmerson family, with forestlands and manufacturing facilities in northern California and Washington. Sierra Pacific Industries was started in the 1940s by A.A. (Red) Emmerson and his father R.H. (Curly) Emmerson with one sawmill employing 8 to 10 people in Humboldt County. Sierra Pacific Industries has grown to be one of the top manufacturers of lumber, millwork, wood windows and doors in North America, employing approximately 4000 employees. Sierra Pacific is also the largest owner of private industrial forestlands in California.

All of the 1.9 million acres of forestlands owned and managed by Sierra Pacific meet or exceed the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards. Sierra Pacific is committed to the practice of sustainable forestry – meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To achieve this, Sierra Pacific Industries is dedicated to a land stewardship ethic, which integrates the reforestation, management, growing, nurturing and harvesting of our forests with the conservation of soil, clean air, water and habitat for fish and wildlife. As a participant in the SFI program, they have pledged to use only sustainable forestry practices that are economically, socially and environmentally responsible.

The Sierra Pacific Windows manufacturing facility is located in Red Bluff, California, a small town at the top of the Sacramento valley. The men and women who make up the manufacturing teams are among the most skilled in the industry. They are highly trained and proud of their craftsmanship. Leading edge technology and handcrafted detail – truly the best of both worlds.

Sierra Pacific Windows are built with a rare combination of technological expertise and meticulous detail. Sierra Pacific windows are expertly engineered and milled. Station after station, each window must pass one inspection after another – each with a team member chosen for their scrupulous attention to detail. Let’s face it….when your goal is to build the most beautiful windows in the world…attention to the smallest detail becomes critical. The manufacturing of superior wood windows comes down to combining the best of technology and hand craftsmanship. To excel in the window industry, products must be manufactured with the very latest machinery - the milling of the wood must be leading edge. The first thing you’ll notice about any Sierra Pacific window or door is its quality. The jamb is snug and sure and the veneers are certain and straight. Sierra Pacific meets the challenge of building outstanding quality products, while at the same time, honoring lead times so crucial to the builder element of on time delivery.

Some of the many quality features you will find in Sierra Pacific Windows and Doors include: fully extruded aluminum frame and sash (no roll form); integrated extruded nailing fin; No VOC AAMA 2605 powder coated finish; Insulated Glass with warm-edge technology spacer; solid wood jambs; and the best warranty in the industry – 30 years*. In addition to a full line of windows and doors, Sierra Pacific Windows also manufactures specialty door products including bi-folding; multi-slide stacking or pocketing systems; and lift and slides.

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