Energy Efficient Windows Explained for Boise, ID Homeowners

Energy Efficient Windows Explained for Boise, ID Homeowners

You are probably familiar with the term “energy efficiency.” But do you know how much energy efficiency upgrades will impact your home? Not only will these upgrades help to reduce the amount of money that you are spending on utilities, but they also improve the comfort in each room. If you are thinking about home renovations in Boise, ID, then it makes sense that you should prioritize materials and installation techniques that help with energy efficiency.

Why Energy Efficient Windows?

One of the first things that should be addressed in an older home is replacing all of the windows. In most situations, the old windows were manufactured with materials that are now outdated. Even though the windows were made from quality materials at the time, the industry has improved over the years. Technology allows us to integrate unique features to optimize window installation as much as possible.

Windows tend to be areas in the home where thermal transfer is common. Small drafts and poorly insulated glass will bring in the temperatures from outside. Whether you are trying to cool your home in the summer or heat it in the winter, old windows will make it hard to manage indoor temperatures.

On the other hand, replacement windows are helpful to reduce your utility costs. These materials can be built with insulating materials that block the thermal transfer. You can run the heater or air conditioner without worrying about the excess energy usage due to drafty windows.

Energy Efficiency Features Explained

Here are some of the features that might be included in your windows if energy efficiency is a priority for your family:

-Multiple Panes of Glass: A single layer of glass isn’t enough to block the transfer of heat. If you want excellent protection, then you need to choose windows with 2 or 3 panes of glass.
-Gas Filled Panes: In many situations, multiple panes of glass can be combined with layers of protective gas. Instead of regular air between the two layers of glass, argon, krypton, or xenon gasses can be used to increase the efficiency of the window.
-Low E Coating: A third option is to add Low-E coating to the surface of the glass. This coating doesn’t block the sunlight that comes through. But, it controls the U-factor and the light wavelengths that can pass through the glass. Every pane of glass can have the coating applied to help with energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is a great choice if you are looking for ways to reduce utility spending. At the same time, you will feel good to know that these materials are better for the environment as well. Plus, high-quality materials help to increase the value of the property and boost the comfort inside.

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