Proper Care Techniques for Wood Windows in Boise, ID

Proper Care Techniques for Wood Windows in Boise, ID

Wood Windows Boise, ID

It is easy to see why many homeowners choose wood windows for new construction or renovations. These materials create a beautiful environment for your home. Wood adds the perfect touch to the luxury property that you can share with your family. Whether you are renovating a historical Boise, ID home or you are renovating to create a farmhouse appearance, wood is an excellent choice.

Even though wood looks great when the materials are installed, it can quickly become an eyesore if you don’t keep up with the proper maintenance. Here are a few things that you need to consider for the care and upkeep of your wood windows:

Cleaning the Windows and Frames

Harsh cleaning ingredients can damage the wood frames. It is common for dirt and grime to build up, but you need to be careful about the cleaning products that are used on the windows. Regular cleaning is important to protect your windows. Additionally, you can get a closer look at signs that it is time to refinish the wood.

For example, cleaning away the superficial dirt might uncover peeling or cracks that were hidden below the grime. Identify and repair these trouble spots so that you can minimize the risk of damage and rot in the future.

The best method for cleaning is warm water and a soft-bristled brush. If the windows are extremely dirty, then add a few drops of dish soap to the water.

Staining the Wood

Not only does the stain or paint give the wood a polished appearance. But, these materials are helpful to protect the wood from the harsh weather elements. The temperatures in Boise can change drastically throughout the year. These changing temperatures and exposure to rain and snow can damage the wood. The protective layer of paint or stain will block the moisture and extend the life of the windows.

The finish will wear down over time, which means that you need to be prepared for refinishing work. Usually, the exterior areas of the window frames need to be refinished more often than the interior portions.

Start by sanding the wood so that you have a clean application. Then, the finish can be applied. If you are using paint, then it is common to use a primer before applying the paint.

Sealing Cracks

Large cracks can be repaired with a wood filler or caulking. Applying caulking to the edges of the frames can be a good strategy to reduce the moisture that comes in through the windows. Check the caulking outside to see if you can identify loose caulking or cracked areas that might allow the moisture to come through.

The most effective solution for repair and maintenance of your windows is to schedule a consultation with an experienced contractor. We can inspect your windows and help you choose the right treatments to protect the quality of your home. Our team can also provide suggestions if you would like to invest the money into replacement windows instead of repairs.

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