Understanding Energy Efficiency In Replacement Windows

Understanding Energy Efficiency In Replacement Windows

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Replacement windows bring a lot of things with them, including efficiency. You likely want more efficiency in replacement windows in Garden City, ID than anything else. You perhaps even decided to get those windows because of the lack of efficiency you had in the old windows. Before you choose a window that doesn’t have as much efficiency as you would like, you will want to understand energy efficiency in replacement windows so you can move forward with the right choices.

Ratings Labels

One of the easiest ways to get efficiency in your new windows is to read and understand the ratings labels. These labels are going to tell you everything you need for your windows and you will be able to compare one to another with ease. Learn how to read the labels so you can get what you need for the home you are making plans for. If you have trouble with reading the labels and understanding what they need, there are plenty of things you can do. Read up about the labels online or just ask the professionals in the store if they can help you.

Energy Star Certification

When you see that a window has the Energy Star label on it, what does that mean? In simple terms, it means that window has submitted to testing, and has passed. The Energy Star company tests all sorts of products and only puts their label on things that pass those tests with a certain level of efficiency. It’s nice to have a place to start on efficiency with windows and you can start with any window that has the Energy Star label.

The Number Of Panes

Windows today come with double pane glass as a standard. Double pane glass is so much better than the former standard, which was single pane glass. Not only is there an extra pane of glass, but there’s a space (usually filled with air) between those panes, which insulates the home even more. If you want to add a third pane of glass, you can do that and increase the efficiency. You will also add another space between the panes of glass, which insulates the home more. You are in charge of the glass pack and that can help you to address efficiency issues.

The Heat Blocking Option

There are other upgrades you can add to your windows as well to increase efficiency in other ways. You can get low-E coatings to the glass, which will block the heat of the sun. You can let whatever light you want through to your home, but none of the normal heat will come with it. You also don’t have to worry about fading items in the home, which can save you from having to replace things.

When you are looking into replacement windows in Garden City, ID, efficiency is key. The professionals at View Point, Inc. want you to get the best, most efficient windows you can afford and we will help you to find just that.

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