Double Pane Replacement Window Benefits

Double Pane Replacement Window Benefits

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It’s hard to figure the window world out if you’ve never gotten replacement windows in Boise, ID before. If your windows are old enough, they might even be single pane, which is not likely doing a lot for your home. Single pane glass lets air flow freely from outside to in. They don’t offer much insulation in any way. Today, double pane windows are standard when you are getting new windows. You can even upgrade to triple pane to get even more bang for your buck. Here are a few of the benefits that double pane windows will bring to your home after they are installed.


One of your goals, when you get new windows, is to insulate your home better so you can be more energy efficient overall. When you have double pane windows, that’s what you’ll get. It’s especially helpful in the extreme temperatures of the summer and winter. While double pane windows cost more than single pane would have in the past, they do a lot of good work. It’s not just an extra pane of glass, but also the space between those panes that insulates your home well. It will save you money on energy bills all year long.

Reduce Noise Pollution

You might be used to the constant noise that comes into your home or perhaps you are annoyed by it. Either way, double pane windows are going to help you reduce the noise from outside that comes into your home. You will have peace and quiet again and you will find it easier to relax. IT’s nice to have those extra layers of glass and the space between to keep the noise out.

Home Value

Your home is going to be a lot more valuable with double pane windows on it than it was with old, single pane windows. Double pane windows are standard now and they’re a lot more modern. People looking to buy homes will be a lot happier about seeing new, double paned windows in place. They will pay more to get them.

Stay Green

If you want to have as little impact on the environment as possible, it’s important to get double pane windows when you get new windows to insulate your home and heighten your energy efficiency. The less air you leak, the less energy you waste. You’ll see the savings on your energy bills and that will help you know that you are moving in the right direction for a more efficient life.

There are lots of choices in replacement windows in Boise, ID that can help you meet a number of goals and double pane windows are standard today. But it’s nice to know what benefits you will get over your old single pane windows when you install even the standard windows on the market today. The professionals at View Point, Inc. can help you examine further upgrades, like triple pane glass, to see what you might want for your home and the goals you have for the project overall.

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