Do Windows Have Power Over Thermostats?

Do Windows Have Power Over Thermostats?

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There are lots of things that new wood windows in Boise, ID can do to benefit your home. When you have older windows in place, they can cause issues in your home. You might notice that they are hard to open and close and they aren’t looking as nice as they used to. Older windows can also have power over your thermostat. That doesn’t seem right since the two systems aren’t connected, but the house has to work together as a whole and those two items can fight each other in a major way. Here are a few things that older wood windows can cause that will impact the thermostat, how it works, and your HVAC system as a whole.


When windows age, they might start to form drafts. When they let outside air in, or inside air out (or both), they are going to cause the thermostat to kick on more often to try and keep up with the temperature you want to keep in your home. That can be frustrating and it can cause a lot of temperature fluctuations in the home. You might feel the drafts, which is uncomfortable, and you may never feel like the rooms have an even temperature. When you let air out through the windows, you are air conditioning or heating the neighborhood instead of your home. You are wasting energy and air you never get to use.

Getting new wood windows can help you with that issue. You seal up the home and keep the inside air in and the outside air out. Without drafts, your thermostat isn’t forcing the HVAC system to kick on as often and gives it more of a break. At the same time, you save energy and your home is more comfortable.


The sunlight is a nice thing to have coming into your home because natural light makes rooms look larger and more open. The home can look welcoming to your family and to guests as well and natural light has a way of making you feel better and more productive, even. However, sunlight can also warm the house a great deal. When the house is too warm, the thermostat is going to kick on more often in the summer to cool things down. You will use more energy because of the sunlight. That might cause you to try and block the sun out with window coverings, but at the same time, then you don’t get to enjoy it.

Instead of allowing the sunlight to heat things up, you could consider new wood windows, complete with low-E glass. Low-E glass is a coating that can be put on new windows that blocks the heat of the sun (along with UV rays), but lets the light of the sun through. You can have the natural lighting you want, without the heat.

These are some of the ways that older windows can impact your thermostat, and new wood windows in Boise, ID can help you to balance things out in your home. The experts at View Point, Inc. are here to help whenever you are ready.

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