Needs For The Bathroom In Replacement Windows

Needs For The Bathroom In Replacement Windows

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When you need new windows for your home, there are plenty of different options to consider. You might want to look into the materials first, and fiberglass windows in Boise, ID are high in quality and bring a lot of benefits with them. Once you make that initial decision, you can get into the specifics as to what each room needs and what you can fit into your budget. The bathroom, for example, has different needs than other rooms of the house. Here are its needs and some windows that might suit those needs.


The bathroom, above all else, is going to need privacy. You want windows that perhaps don’t allow people to see in or windows that are high or covered so prying eyes aren’t going to be able to see inside.

Natural Light

Natural light is another thing you are likely going to want in your bathroom. The light can help you to see what you actually look like and it can help even small bathrooms look larger and more open.


Bathrooms can get hot and humid fast and having a window you can open to ventilate the space can really help. You might have a fan you can run, too, but windows will further your goals even faster.

There are lots of window options that can help you meet some or all of these goals. Here are a few to consider:

Sliding Windows Above The Tub

Sliding windows are like double hung windows on their sides. They are wider than they are tall. They can sit high on the wall, like above the tub, and no one can see in, but you get natural light, ventilation options, and privacy all at once.

Skylights In The Ceiling

IF you don’t have wall space for a window, putting a skylight in can help you to meet natural lighting goals. You may not be able to open it, but it keeps privacy intact and gives you the light you want.

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Casement Windows For Ventilation And Light

If you do have room on the walls, casement windows are one of the best options as they bring in a lot of natural light and they are great for ventilation. The only problem you have them is privacy. You could cover the windows with a curtain or another covering, or you can have the glass etched or fogged so no one can see in, but you can get the light you want any time.

Every room of the house matters and they might all have different needs, so you will want to consider every detail when you get replacements. The bathroom is a special case and you want your fiberglass windows in Boise, ID to meet the goals you have for that space as well as for other rooms in the house. Talk to the experts and they will help you to get everything lined up for every room so you are prepared to move forward with the project and enjoy the results after installation occurs.

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