Caring For Wood Windows Upon Installation

Caring For Wood Windows Upon Installation

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When you look into replacement windows, there are tons of different options. Most of the time, homeowners will make one large choice/decision first, and that’s what material you put on the windows. The most popular option on today’s market is vinyl windows, but wood windows in Boise, ID are also very valuable and popular. These windows are classics because they have a certain warm appeal to them that you just can’t get from other windows. They also look great with certain home styles. Once you decide on wood windows, you are going to want to know how to care for them so you can keep them looking nice and functioning well.

Dust The Frames Regularly

Window materials of any kind are going to get dusty and if you dust them regularly, you don’t have to worry about it building up and becoming a problem. Dust can actually scratch wood frames if you leave it for too long. Dusting the frames when you dust the rest of your house is a good place to start in caring for the windows.

Wipe Down The Dirt

On the outside of your home, dirt is going to accumulate. It will come with the wind, the rain, and many other elements outside. You will want to wipe that dirt off the frames from time to time. You can hose them down or just wipe them off with a damp cloth so too much dirt doesn’t built up. The windows will look nicer and last longer, too.

Watch For Cracks And Fill Them

When you first install wood windows, they are going to work great and have no problems at all. But eventually, they could have some cracks in the frames and if you see any of that happening, you are going to want to fill them in sooner rather than later. Once the cracks appear, rain and other things can get in and if that settles, the wood could rot or other things could get in and deteriorate the frames.

Clean The Glass, As Usual

Any windows are going to have glass space and that means the glass is going to need a good cleaning every few weeks. If you have kids with sticky fingers or pets with wet noises, the glass might need cleaning even more often. Wood frames or not, the glass will have to be cleaned to keep the windows as a whole looking nice.

wood windows in Boise, ID

Finish The Wood

The biggest chore that you will have when you get wood windows installed onto your house is refinishing the wood every other year or so. This is a nice opportunity because you can paint a different color to change the look of your house, if you want, but it’s a big job that takes time. It’s something you can hire someone to do, but it also needs to be done to keep the appearance and functionality of the windows intact.

When you are looking at window details, wood windows in Boise, ID are certainly an option. Get the information together and go from there.

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