High-End Homes With Gorgeous and Functional Wood Windows in Boise, ID

Is there anything more classic and timeless than all-wood window frames? They pair beautifully with a wide range of style choices, are easy to maintain, and are highly durable. If you are looking for wood windows in Boise, ID, the experts at View Point, Inc. have multiple fantastic brands of wood windows that they are certified to sell, service, and install.


What are the reasons to consider all wood windows for your high-end, luxury build? Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Wood Windows Boise, ID

  • Durable: When adequately protected and sealed, wood windows are quite enduring. They won’t bend, warp, or splinter and crack when that coat is maintained. In hot or cold temperatures, they hold up wonderfully. They also tend to have far less fluctuation with expanding and contracting than some of their metal-based counterparts.
  • Naturally Insulating: The material of a wooden window frame is proven to be substantially more effective at insulating than steel and other metal-based windows. They beat out vinyl window’s insulating properties by an even greater margin. Add things like double-paned glass, and you have a recipe for super-efficient windows.
  • Simple to Maintain: While it is true that wood windows are not maintenance-free, the process to keep your protective sealant in good repair for years is quite simple. Most of the time, a mild dish detergent with some water and a soft cloth will provide the tools needed to dust off the frames once or twice a year. That’s pretty much it. Of course, updating the sealant as needed should be watched for, but that can last several years.
  • Cost-Effective: Though wood windows may cost more upfront, in the long run, when they are properly cared for, they can outlast less superior materials. When you add in the energy efficiency bonus of the naturally insulating wood properties, those upfront costs pay you back over time.
  • Classy: They go with just about every possible design palette in existence. Wooden windows are literally timeless and beautiful year after year, decade after decade.


Other Benefits of High Performing Wood Windows in Boise, ID

There are other ways that installing wood windows in Boise, ID, can make an impact on the way you feel about your space.

  • Increased Property Values: Committing to putting your money into high-performing wood windows will be a good investment. Quality windows tend to hold their value and are reflected in the appraised values that are consulted for refinancing and reselling needs.
  • Sound Blocking: Those insulating properties of well-designed windows don’t just keep the inside air in and the outside air out– they also block up those minuscule spaces that would invite outside noise to easily invade your sanctuary. You need a place to relax and unwind after a long workday or week. Don’t let external noise be a nuisance to your peace.
  • Maximize Natural Sunlight: Windows invite the beauty of natural light into your home to add to your well-being and life. Set the tone for all of the waking hours with the option to see the views around you and let the sunshine in!
  • Curb Appeal: The timeless look of wood windows escalates your curb appeal. They are simply gorgeous. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with your highly rated wooden windows making statement after statement about your style, your class, and your love of fine things.


Selecting a Contractor for Your Custom Build Window Needs

The most experienced team of experts regarding all things windows and doors can be found at View Point, Inc. The business has been going strong for 25 years now, with professional experience totaling over 100 years in the industry. This means that your advisors and highly-trained installers commit to helping you find and receive the perfect solutions for your wood window needs.

Offering several high-quality brands, View Point, Inc. makes sure the customer has access to what they want. Check out the online reviews and testimonials of our many satisfied customers who refer us to their friends and come back to us with their future projects. With a delicate undertaking such as window installation, you’ll definitely want to leave this one to the professionals. Many brands require a certified installation team if warranties are going to stay intact for your excellent products.

Call (208) 854-1877 today to visit with a member of our sales team at View Point, Inc. We can set aside time to talk to you about the many options available for wood windows in Boise, ID. Naturally, our showroom is filled with beautiful design ideas and displays of the products we support. You are most welcome to stop by during regular business hours to see a bit of what we can offer you. We are located at 6715 W State St, Boise, ID 83714.


Wood Window FAQs

Can Wood Windows Be Painted?

Absolutely! Wood windows can be painted to give them a fresh, new look. It’s an easy and inexpensive DIY project that you can do on your own without having to hire a professional.

Do Wood Windows Rot?

Yes, wood windows can rot over time if not properly cared for. The most common cause of window rot is exposure to moisture and water damage that leads to the breakdown of the wood. To prevent this from occurring, it’s important that you properly seal the frame of your windows – from both inside and out – with a waterproof sealant and then apply a coat of paint or varnish every five years or so.

When to Replace Wood Windows?

When it comes to replacing your wood windows, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you need to determine whether or not the existing windows are still in good shape and functioning properly. If they’re not — if you’re noticing drafts or water damage, it may be time for window replacement.



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