Customizing Wood Window Frames

wood windows in Boise, ID

You can get whatever you want in new windows today, especially if you choose wood windows in Boise, ID. Wood windows give you the opportunity to have everything you want in your new windows because they can customize more things than you can on other window materials. Here are just some of the things you might want to customize on your new wood windows.


One of the things that you can get in wood windows that you can’t get in other options is any color or finish you want. You can paint the windows something standard, like white or black, or you can paint them to match your home’s colors, whatever that might be. You can even keep the wood look on the frames and stain and finish the windows to complete the look you want. While there are options with other materials, the options are limited compared to what you could get with wood windows, which is absolutely anything in the world that you want.


Wood windows could also have grilled placed inside them, which can allow you to add extra style on the windows themselves. Some people place grilles on the windows that you can see from the front of the house and leave the back windows open. That can help you to see more out back and allow the extra light to come through, too.


You can have whatever hardware you want on your wood windows. It’s nice to know that you can customize your windows with just the right finishing touch. There are endless pieces of hardware that you can try to see what looks just right on your new windows. You might want to match the doorknobs in your house or you may want something that blends into the windows themselves. Whatever you want, you can find. If you aren’t sure what you have in mind yet, just start browsing and you can narrow things down from there.


Windows can be created in any size you want. Many people get windows that are the same size they have on their home now, but you can also get something larger, perhaps, to give you more natural light and a better view outside your home. Changing the sizes can make your house more of what you want it to be.


Again, many homeowners are going to go with the style they have on their windows now, but that doesn’t have to be what you end up with. You can change things up and get casement windows instead of double hung windows or vice versa. Changing the style can help you with functionality and style at the same time.

When you try to replace your windows, there are a lot of options to consider. The material might be the first thing you think about in a serious way. While there are benefits to any material, wood windows in Boise, ID are going to give you the most customization options. If you want to make things completely unique, wood windows might be the way to go.

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