Covering Wood Windows In A Modern Way

Covering Wood Windows In A Modern Way

Wood windows in Boise, ID

Wood windows in Boise, ID are classic options that are always going to be in style. If you want that traditional warmth and that welcoming feel along with the option to change the color over time, wood windows are a great choice for your home. However, you might be trying for a more modern look, and wood windows can fit into that as well. As you look into window coverings, here are a few things you might do to create an overall look that will meet your goals.

Pair Wood Windows With Shutters

One way to give wood windows that streamlined look you want on your modern home is to pair them with shutters. The shutters might be the same color and texture as the wood, for example, which can give it a cohesive look. Having things that go together and don’t stand out as much can help the modern appeal of your home head in the right direction. Shutters are also highly valuable and energy efficient, which helps the modernity of the home as well.

Texturize The Room With The Fabric On Shades

The modern look is often quite simple since it means a lot of contrasting colors, but also colors that are rather plain. Black and white, for example, contrast well and are also simple colors that add to the modern style. If you have a lot of white in the home already and you don’t want to mess things up with a weird color on the window coverings, you can still get white, but add texture to the space through the fabric on window shades and that will give the room a little variance.

Technology With Motorized Options

Using technology for everything, even window coverings, is a very modern thing to do. The most modern technology in these fields is in the motorization of the blinds and shades. You can open and close them with the touch of a button or even with an app. Some shades or blinds can even be programmed to open and close on their own at certain times of the day. That’s not only convenient, but it can help you with your home’s energy efficiency levels.

Wood windows in Boise, ID

There are so many things you can do with window coverings that you can find something for any style home. If you happen to have a modern home, or you are going for that style in its appearance, then you may want to talk to the professionals about what you can do to cover your wood windows and give the home the right appeal at the same time.

As you continue the modern look in your home, you will first want to look into the wood windows in Boise, ID and get the right style and color to suit your home’s look and feel. Then, once the windows are in (the coverings will already be down for the installation), you can get new coverings to suit that modern look and the new windows you just put on the house.

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