Fire Safety: Do You Have Good Windows in Your Boise, ID Home?

You never know when a disaster will occur that could damage your Boise, ID home. Most homeowners are proactive with safety strategies for the family. But, there are forgotten tasks around the house that might impact safety if an emergency happened.

For example, did you know that good windows are an important part of fire safety? Today we are going to look at the reason why every home should have top-notch windows installed.

Is There Fire Danger in Boise?

Boise tends to be a safe place to live for most of the year. There aren’t many natural disasters that threaten homes in the area. Even though it isn’t common for homeowners to face serious natural disasters, there is always a risk that something might happen.

Fire danger is higher in the summer months. If the dry brush catches on fire, then the damage could spread through the area and impact homes that are near the fields. When brush fires have happened in the past, emergency response personnel can usually prevent property damage. Homes in the area are a high priority to reducing the risk of the fire spreading.

But, bad conditions could make it difficult for firefighters to manage the flames. If it is a dry year and the winds are right, the fire can move quickly. Other dangers could come from inside. An unattended flame in the fireplace could spread through the home. Or, a mistake by a young child could start a fire on the stovetop or in the microwave.

Fast Escape Through the Windows

The hope is that a fire will never damage your home. But, if you are caught inside when the house is on fire, then it is essential that you have options for escape. Getting out of the house and protecting your family should be the highest priority.

Old windows pose a threat because of the difficulty in opening the windows. Sometimes the frames are so old that they are jammed shut. Other times, the windows are painted closed, so it is impossible to open the windows in an emergency situation.

If your windows have poor performance, then you need to be sure that you invest in replacement windows right away. Proactively replacing the windows in your home is essential to ensure that you have options if an unexpected disaster occurs. You always can get out through the windows if you can’t leave the room.

Even though modern windows are built to make it easy to get outside if needed, other safety features prevent break-ins. The right locking technology keeps your home secure while providing access if you need to climb out the window for any reason.

At View Point, Inc., your safety is our highest priority. We want to be sure that you have quality, functional windows in your home. If you are thinking about replacement windows Meridian ID, then you should visit our showroom: 6715 W State St, Boise, ID 83714.Call if you prefer a consultation in your home: (208) 854-1877

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