FAQ About Wood Windows in Boise, ID

FAQ About Wood Windows in Boise, ID

Don’t be shy to ask a lot of questions when you are choosing wood windows for your home. It is common for homeowners to want to learn about the products and services that are available. Gathering a little more information about the products will help you choose the best features for your Boise, ID property.

If you are thinking about replacement windows, then you should talk to our installation team about some of these questions:

Is It Time to Replace My Windows?

The timeframe for window replacement varies, which is why you need personal recommendations from an experienced team in the industry. In most situations, windows that are more than 20 or 25 years old should be replaced to improve the energy efficiency of the home.

How Much Time is Needed for Window Installation?

Most of the time, each window can be installed in about an hour. The overall installation time will vary depending on the number of windows that will be replaced in your home. We are careful to complete as much of the work as possible off-site. When we come to your home on the installation day, we will have the manufactured windows that have been sized for your home and ready for installation.

What is Low-E Coating?

Low-E stands for Low Emissivity, and it means that there is a special coating on the window surface to reduce the risk of UV rays coming through the windows. Blocking the UV exposure limits the fading and damage to the furniture and carpets in your home. At the same time, Low-E coating is also helpful to reduce the radiant heat in the summer months.

Will Wood Windows Need Maintenance?

Over time, the surface of the wood can be worn down by the weather conditions and regular wear and tear. If you want to preserve the quality of your windows, then you need to be proactive with maintenance. For example, it might be necessary to refinish the wood. Or, you can choose to paint the wood frames to upgrade the appearance of your home.

How Will My Energy Bill Be Affected?

Old windows drive up utility costs because of the loss of heat or cool air through the windows. It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold outside. These extreme temperatures increase the activity of your HVAC system. For example, when the heater is running in the winter, you need good windows to hold that warm air inside. Each home is different, but most homeowners experience a reduction in utility costs. Talk to our team about the energy efficient materials that are available.

Can I Save Money with a DIY Installation?

Most window manufacturers void the warranty if the installation isn’t done by a certified team. It is best to let an experienced installer handle the work in your home.

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