How Will Vinyl Windows Hold Up in the Harsh Boise, ID Winters?

How Will Vinyl Windows Hold Up in the Harsh Boise, ID Winters?

When the cold air starts blowing to bring the snow, homeowners want to know that they can stay protected from the cold. Winters in Boise, ID can be cold and miserable if you don’t have the right insulation from the storm. Even if you have a good heater, you won’t maximize the benefits without quality windows.

Vinyl Windows and Energy Efficiency

The problem is that homeowners invest in energy efficient heaters without thinking about the heat loss through the windows. Poor insulation and low-quality windows will result in thermal transfer. Even though warm air is being generated in your home, it will be lost through the old windows.

Walk around the room and notice the changes in temperature. Can you tell that the room is colder when you are standing near the windows? Then it means that your warm air is moving outside, and the cold air is coming inside. Without good windows, it will be a never-ending battle to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.
Yes, you can turn up the heater to warm up the room. But, the heat loss through the windows will cause the HVAC system to work hard. As a result, energy usage goes up and so does your utility bill. The best solution is to upgrade the windows so that you have great insulation to prevent heat loss.

Weather Resistant Materials

One of the benefits of vinyl is that it is created using technology that holds up in all weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if it is the heat of the summer or the coldest months of the winter, these windows will stay strong throughout the year. You don’t need to worry about warping, cracking, or other problems that can occur because of temperature fluctuations.

Some window products, such as wood, might start to look a little worn after a few years. The environmental conditions can speed up the wear and tear. So, you will need to spend time on maintenance to keep the windows looking good. Delaying these maintenance tasks could lead to damage to your home. If the wood isn’t protected, then it can start to crack and rot over time.

In comparison, vinyl doesn’t require ongoing maintenance. These products will stand strong regardless of the temperature and weather conditions outside. You can have the peace of mind to know that you are investing in durable, beautiful materials for your home.

Comparing Windows

If you are ready to enjoy the energy-efficient benefits of new windows, then it is important that you compare the options in the industry. Understanding the pros and cons of different products will enable you to choose the materials that are right for your family. The best way to learn about these materials is to schedule a consultation.

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