Why Wood Windows Are Classics

wood windows in Boise, ID

There are many different choices on the market today when it comes to window materials. You can get steel, aluminum, vinyl, or even wood windows in Boise, ID. While any material will likely work better than the old windows you have in place now, wood windows are classics that never go out of style. There are many reasons why this material has been popular over the years, and has maintained that popularity as the years go by. Here are a few reasons why wood windows are true classics that will always work well on the home.


One of the first things you will notice about wood windows when you see them is their warmth and beauty. There’s something about the look of wood that takes appearances to the next level. You don’t have to worry about what wood windows will look like because you know the results will be above your expectation levels.

Natural Insulating Qualities

Wood is a material that has natural insulating qualities built into it. One of the reasons it is a popular material for both windows and doors is because it insulates the house well, something every homeowner wants in these products. Energy efficiency is important to any house and it’s important to remember that wood is going to bring you that efficiency. The insulation is important to keeping the air in and not allowing air outside into the home, either. You get the efficiency you want and need in your home.

Sturdy Materials

You are going to want materials on your windows that will last—and that’s wood. Wood windows are known to last for decades, if not centuries. You might see older homes with wood windows that are original to the home. While the windows might have single pane glass, which isn’t all that efficient, the wood materials on the windows is holding up well and is still doing its just at a high level.

Renewable Resources

There are many different materials that can be used on windows, but wood is a renewable resource that doesn’t harm the environment like other options. Trees are readily available and can be grown back. They don’t have to be created in a factory and they don’t pollute the air, either.

wood windows in Boise, ID

Color Options

You might have limited colors options with some materials, but that is not at all the case for wood windows. You can have any color you want and you can couple that with a certain finish that can make the windows look even better. You can have a classic color, like white, but you can also get an off-white, a yellow, a light blue, or any other color you want.

When you are in the market for new windows, consider the pros and cons of wood windows in Boise, ID before you move forward with any material option. The professionals at View Point, Inc. know the options well and it’s smart to listen to their expert advice as you make moves for your home’s future.

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