Replacement Window Options For Day Sleepers

Replacement Window Options For Day Sleepers

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Every homeowner is different and their house, along with their situation is unique. Not every working individual has a 9 to 5 job. In fact, many work a variety of different shifts. If you have a job that has you out overnight, you have to sleep during the day. That can be a challenge since the rest of the world is in full motion during the hours in which you have to sleep. But when you get replacement windows in Boise, ID, you can address a few of your needs with the windows you get. Here are some upgrades to consider:

Triple Pane Glass

Triple pane glass is an upgrade that will help insulate your glass. The window representatives might talk about an extra pane of glass in terms of added energy efficiency, and they will certainly do that for you. Not only does another pane insulate the home more, but the air or inert gas between the panes gives you another layer yet. However, energy efficiency isn’t the only thing this type of upgrade can do for you. It can also give you a better sound barrier between your home and the outside world. When there are cars driving by during the day and children outside playing, you won’t hear nearly as much of it when you are trying to sleep and get ready for work.

Low-E Coatings

It’s nice to have natural light, but even if you are able to sleep with light coming into your room, you wake up a sweaty, hot mess. When you place low-E coatings on your glass, you don’t have to worry about that any longer. You might try to shut most of the light out when you are sleeping, but even if some gets in, you won’t feel hot. These thin, metallic coatings bounce the heat of the sun back outside and block the UV rays, too. You’ll be cool when you wake up no matter how much sun gets through your curtains.

Vinyl Materials

There are many different materials that you can get for your window frames, but vinyl is the best option for efficiency as well as for your budget. It helps you sleep during the day in a unique way. When you work overnights, your daytime hours are at a premium. You have to get in the sleep you need and there’s likely not a lot of time for extra things. Vinyl windows will allow you to sleep all day without worrying about window maintenance. There’s no need to paint and scrape—ever.

If you are ready to sleep better during the day so you can get up at night and go to work refreshed, getting replacement windows in Boise, ID can help. Contact the professionals at View Point, Inc. by calling (208) 854-1877 and be sure to mention your work situation so you can get recommendations to help you with your day sleeping. Our showroom is located at 6715 W State St Boise, ID 83714 and we’re happy to show you some options.

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