Picking Replacement Windows With Children In Mind

Picking Replacement Windows With Children In Mind

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When you’re a parent, there’s not much you do without your children in mind. Even when you need replacement windows in Boise, ID, you want to make choices that will best for them as well as the house as a whole. There are definitely choices that work better for homes that have children in it. Here are a few examples to help you start thinking through the best options for your circumstances.

The Safety Of Double Hung Windows

If you have a second story in your home, you may never feel safe about leaving your child alone because you never know what they’ll get into. That includes possible pushing on a window screen and toppling out. If you get double hung windows for your second story, you can feel safer about your child in any room upstairs. Just open the top portion of the window for ventilation and leave the bottom half closed. You get fresh air without all the fear.

The Sound Barrier Of Triple Pane Glass

Have you ever just gotten your child to sleep after trying and trying only to have them jar awake from a noise they hear from outside? It’s happened to most parents and you don’t like being in that situation. Consider triple pane glass to get extra insulation on your windows that act as a sound barrier between you and the outside world. Not only will your child (and you!) hear less from outside, but people walking by your house are less likely to hear the next tantrum your child throws.

The Comforts Of Inert Gas Fillings

Double and triple pane glass has a space between the panes that is usually filled with air. Air insulates a home, but inert gas fillings are even more dense and do an even better job. If you want your child to be as comfortable as possible at all times (without killing your budget on the energy bills), these fillings can really help. They allow your home to be an even temperature in every room without the HVAC running constantly or going on and off all the time. Everything is comfortable and even at all times and you don’t have to worry about the bills rising. In fact, they’ll fall to a low level and stay there.

If you want to keep your child in mind when you are choosing replacement windows in Boise, ID, then you’re like any other parent. Your family is important and the choices you make on the windows you purchase will make a difference in the way you live your life in the future. Contact the experts at View Point, Inc. and tell us about your family. We love to hear about kids, grandkids, and others who are special to you and matter when you are going through window options. You can call us at (208) 854-1877 for advice or a free consultation or you can visit our showroom at 6715 W State St Boise, ID 83714 to take a look at windows in person.

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