Pre-Replacement Window Installation Checklist

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Once you choose your replacement windows in Boise, ID, you can sit back and watch the installation take place—but only after you do a few other things first. You want the installation to take place in a smooth and easy manner and preparing your home in advance is one way you can ensure things are set on your end. Here are a few things to check off the list before the installers arrive.

1-Remove Window Coverings

You’ll want to take down the window coverings off any window that is being replaced. The installers need to have free reign around the windows. Even if you plan to use the same window coverings again, they need to be out of the way. If you aren’t using them again, they’ll have to be removed anyway. Take them down and give them a good cleaning if they’re going back up again. It’ll give you something productive to do while the installation takes place.

2-Take Wall Hangings Down

If you have family pictures, paintings, or any other wall decorations up on the walls that hold windows, they need to come down. Installers are as careful as they can be, but when you take a window out and put a new one in, the walls might get jarred and things could fall off. Protect your property by removing those things and putting them in a safe location.

3-Move Furniture Around

If you have a bed with a headboard against a window, or a couch that sits up against another one, those things need to be moved out and away from the windows so the installers can get to them with ease. While you’re at it, clear walkways form the entrance of your house to any window area. Pick up rugs and other things that might be in the way so no one trips and things are as easy as possible.

4-Schedule Your Day Around The Installation

Window installations take only about half an hour per window. Depending on how many you are replacing, it’ll only take a day—or two, tops—to get everything done. Plan your day around the installation. Perhaps there are some pictures that need to get put into books or some filing that needs to be done. You will likely be able to find plenty to do around your home while the installers work in other parts of the house.

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