Maintaining Your Bifold Doors Over The Years

Maintaining Your Bifold Doors Over The Years

Bifold doors in Boise, ID

Bifold doors in Boise, ID are quality products that are going to last for a long time. But they are an investment and you are going to want to keep them in top shape for as long as possible. Here are a few things you can do to maintain those doors as the years go by.

Clean And Inspect Regularly

Bifold doors are going to get dirty, just like any other door. You are going to want to clean these doors regularly to keep them looking nice and to keep the dirt from getting heavy enough that it causes damages. When you clean the doors, inspect them. It’s good to know what they look like when they are operating well so you will notice any changes or down turns and you can then address those things quickly. You won’t likely have issues for a long time, but when you do, you will notice it fast with those regular inspections happening.

Check For Air Leaks

Air leaks are going to be a concern to you with any doors you install. It might feel as if bifold doors are more susceptible to them than other doors, but that’s not the case. You can still check for air leaks when you clean and do your inspections just to be sure things are still in working order. When it’s breezy outside, clean the doors and see if you can feel any breezes coming through the cracks.

Bifold doors in Boise, ID

Replace Any Broken Parts Right Away

As the years pass, there might be a part or two that fails after you use the doors for a long time. You are going to want to replace and repair any part you notice is damaged or failing so the doors can stay in working order for as long as possible. The small things can turn into larger problems quickly.

Have Professionals Check Things Over

It never hurts to have a professional come over and check the doors every now and then. Those professional inspections can point out small issues, if there are any, or give you peace of mind that everything is still lined up and working well.


When you are thinking about installing something new onto your home, you might want bifold doors in Boise, ID. If you have never had this kind of door before, you might want to learn more about them and figure out what you have to do to maintain them once they are installed. The professionals are always there to help you with those questions. You can have a free consultation in your home and the experts can take a look at the space you have to offer the project and give you personal advice. Or, you can ask questions in the showroom as you look at the options and think about what you might want to do for your home. Move forward whenever you are ready and the professionals will help you with the details you want to put into place.

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