Upgrade Your Custom Home With Bifold Doors in Boise, ID

bifold doors boise idIf you’ve been thinking about plans for your dream home, you’ve probably already seen the many options with the beautiful and effortless design style of bifold doors in Boise, ID. If you haven’t come across this yet, it’s worth your time to learn about this functional and luxurious feature that can be utilized in both interior and exterior applications. Modern and sleek, these folding doors offer versatility by extending indoor/outdoor living spaces or creating privacy screens and dividers in your home.

Quality bifold doors are easily maintained and also very easy to use. Exterior bifold doors are super secure and built to maximize energy efficiency. Most designs feature a compressive seal on the top and bottom that create an airtight barrier. The panels have locking mechanisms, so you decide what moves and when. They are thought to be more secure than many traditional french or glass sliding doors. By folding back on themselves, the panels can be quite compact and open or close an entire portion of your space in only seconds.

Having a large bi-folding door feature anywhere in your home can also bring a nice increase in property value. These are popular because they have an absolutely gorgeous modern look and are so convenient to use. More and more, this feature is being listed as a ‘must have’ option for many buyers. In addition, exterior doors can be a fantastic way to increase the natural lighting in your space with floor-to-ceiling glass that maximizes your views.


Great Places to Utilize Bifold Doors in Boise, ID

As mentioned earlier, bifold doors are no longer only used for closet spaces, but that is a great way that they can be added to any room. Smaller-sized rooms or nooks are a perfect place to use a bifold door since it helps with the efficient use of space. In addition, the compact design takes care of bulky doors while still giving the space a finished look. Separating the laundry from a larger room is another way this can be helpful.

On a larger scale, the glass bifold doors in Boise, ID, can be installed inside to create a nearly soundproof barrier while allowing light to pass through the home or office building. If privacy is also needed, frosted or tinted glass can be used for that purpose. For open concept homes, lofts, or commercial spaces, this can be a great way to make rooms without completely eliminating the ability to have things available when needed.

Outdoor rooms such as a multi-season porch would also be an excellent way to employ this bifold door feature. Open the walls up on those perfect summer evenings and bask in the last rays of the sunlight. Then, stay cozy inside while you enjoy the full view of nature in the winter or on a stormy day. This is seriously the ultimate outdoor/indoor living space! If you like more natural light, this is a great space to get it year-round.


Designed to Suit Your Space

The great thing about bifold doors is that you can customize the size to fit any opening you need to cover. You can choose between smaller or larger panels. Different materials and colors also allow you to find precisely the right look for your unique needs. With high-quality brands to select between, you will find the perfect features and design elements to ensure this statement piece in your home will be one of your favorites to look at and use every single day.


The Most Reliable Supplier and Servicer of Quality Bifold Doors for Custom Homes

Choosing the right vendor and installer for your product is just as important as selecting the right product. You want and need this high-quality addition to your custom home to work as designed. Having a service team to install and service any necessary warranty needs is really important. The team at View Point, Inc. has been in business in Idaho for more than 25 years.

Our team is experienced and well trained in the many different product lines and manufacturers that we represent. We offer our customers access to a wide range of high-quality products because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for windows, doors, and hardware. Our team has taken the time to become experts in this field. As we work with our clients, we can help them find solutions that will make their spaces functional and beautiful.

If you are looking into ordering and installing bifold doors in Boise, ID, or the surrounding area and states, we would love to help you at View Point, Inc. Our showroom has so much to offer you. Come see us at 6715 W State St, Boise, ID 83714. You can also give us a call to discuss your needs and ask any questions by dialing (208) 854-1877.

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