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Historical Homes

Careful consideration is necessary when planning a remodel of a structure in the historical district. View Point Windows has extensive experience with the rules and regulations surrounding remodels in the various historical districts around the Treasure Valley. We understand that recapturing the original design and form of the structure while balancing the function of sound building science and energy efficiency is a task requiring patience, research, expertise and skill.


"Windows have personalities, reflecting the soul of their unique dwellings."

Many questions arise when selecting new windows for an historical structure. What are they made of? Where are they best placed? What surrounds them inside and out? How will they weather over time? Will they stand up to sun, rain and wind? Do they integrate with other materials of the house?

View Point Solutions

As professionals experienced in Historical District remodels, our most important window installation responsibilities are:

  • To restore the continuity of the weather barrier and its flashing.
  • To notify the owner of structural issues or problems affecting the installation or performance of the installed window system.
  • To follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation to preserve product specific warranties and insure proper application and performance.
  • To follow all applicable local, state and national codes.
  • To provide an “AAMA Certified Installation” of all windows and doors.

View Point Products

At View Point we will help guide the window selection based on the client plans, goals, and budget. For historic windows requiring many options of exterior color, grillwork and interior species of wood, we offer solutions from several different manufacturers.

Marvin Windows & Doors

Ultimate Series including Insert Series

Multiple species of interior wood

Sierra Pacific

Wood and Wood-Clad windows and doors

Pine and Douglas fir interiors

Multiple exterior color choices

Architectural Traditions

Handcrafted custom windows and doors

Multiple selections of species, pre-finishing and distressing


400 Series, including the insert serious



Doors & Hardware

View Point Windows also has extensive experience in the replacement of entry doors and hardware in the historical district. Replacing your front door and door hardware is a perfect way to increase you homes curb appeal while adding energy efficiency. View Point Windows offers a huge selection of entry solutions. From the warm beauty of wood, the durability and flexibility of fiberglass or the uniqueness of iron or steel, View Point Windows and Doors will help you choose the perfect entry door for your project and guarantee an installation that is in compliance with the historical society codes.

We have a huge selection of exterior and interior doors and door hardware on display in our Boise and Ketchum showrooms. Feel free to call and arrange a tour or stop by anytime M-F 8am-5pm at take a look.

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