Where Does The Money Go On Replacement Windows?

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Smart homeowners want to know as much about larger improvement projects they take on for their homes. When they get replacement windows in Eagle, ID, they might have a budget in mind, but they also want to know the broken-down portions of the bottom line so they can understand what goes where. It’s also nice to know where they might spend more and where they can spend less so they can allocate their finds in the right places. Here are some hints to help you understand where the money goes when you get new windows.

The Frame Materials

One of the biggest costs in the replacement window process, of course, is the window frame itself. It’s what holds it all together and it’s what seals the windows into your home. You want good frames in order to make the windows last and operate efficiently while they are there. There are a variety of frame materials to consider, but most people get vinyl today. Not only is it the least expensive option, but it’s the highest quality option, which makes it a win for the house and for the budget.

The Glass Pack

After the frame, much of the money goes into the glass pack on the windows. Standard glass packs include double pane glass with air fillings between the panes. But you can upgrade that if you’d like. You can get triple pane glass, inert gas fillings, and low-E coatings on the glass. These things cost more, but they make the windows more efficient and possibly more suited to your home. Anything you add to the glass pack will cost more, but you will also get energy savings on the other side of the installation.

The Hardware

All windows will need to have hardware so you can open and close them, lock them, and operate them. The hardware can be a very small cost if you go with something basic, but there are so many options on the market that you can also get something expensive and unique. The choices are there for you.

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The Installation

Once all of the choices are made, the last part of the cost process will be the installation. While this is a cost some people would like to cut out, it’s really important to have professionals operate the installation for you so you can ensure the performance of the windows and keep the warranty valid.

If you are in the market for replacement windows in Eagle, ID and you want to know more about the prices, the professionals at View Point Windows can break things down as far as you want. We want you to be happy with the process from start to finish. If that means knowing every aspect of the bottom line, we’ll spell it all out for you so you know just what you are paying for and how much. We’re here to start you off with a free consultation when you are ready and we’ll go from there.

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