What Do Your Windows Do That You Don’t Realize?

What Do Your Windows Do That You Don’t Realize?

Your Boise, ID home has windows and you know they serve a variety of functions. You use them to look outside and sometimes you open them to let in the fresh breeze. But beyond that, do you really know what your windows do? You probably don’t think about it very often, at least! Here are a few functions your windows serve that aren’t always at the top of your mind. Reading through them will help remind you how important the windows on your home really are!

-Windows Are Your First Security Line of Defense

If someone wants to get into your home, they can often do so through the windows. Older windows have single pane glass that is easy to break. The frames might be warped and old too, making locks simple to open. When you get new windows, you have a stronger defense mechanism. Double and triple pane glass is harder to break and the frames are strong and sturdy so they are not penetrable like older windows. You can also rest assured that the windows are stronger in any storm that might brew in the Boise, ID area. New windows will hold up better against any storm that blows through.

-Windows Insulate Your Home Against the Outside Temperatures

When the Boise, ID summer rages outside, your windows are a big part of what keeps you cool inside. If you have old windows, you might feel the heat seeping through the glass. You might not be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature because the old windows let the hot air seep in and the cold air leak out. Newer windows have technology that allows them high insulation values. They keep your cool air inside and the hot air outside. They allow you a new level of comfort in your home, which every homeowner should have.

-Windows Can Cut Back on Your Chores

No one wants any home item to add to their to-do list. Window contractors Jackson Hole WY can either add to or take away from that list. Old, wood windows will add plenty to the list. They have to be painted or stained on a yearly basis, after all, in order to maintain their appearance and integrity. But new vinyl windows are just the opposite. They cross that chore off the list and maintain their beauty without any help from you at all. These windows are simple to care for and don’t lose their efficiency even if you completely ignore them.

If you now realize how many important items your windows serve within your house, you might feel like you need new ones in order to raise the value of these purposes. There are good windows for every home in Boise, ID and View Point, Inc. has them! Call us today at 208-854-1877 or visit our showroom at 6715 W State St, Boise, ID 83714. We’ll show you examples in person so you can make important decisions about the windows in your house.

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