How to Use Wood Windows for a Farmhouse Décor Theme in Your Boise, ID Home

How to Use Wood Windows for a Farmhouse Décor Theme in Your Boise, ID Home

Spend a few minutes on Pinterest, and you will quickly see that the farmhouse style of décor is quite popular right now. Homeowners love the cozy, inviting environment that comes from rustic designs and earthy tones. If you are upgrading your Boise, ID home with a farmhouse style of inspiration, then you shouldn’t overlook the option to install wood windows.

What is the Farmhouse Style?

Idaho is a great place to live if you want wide open spaces and beautiful views. Even though many people have lived near farmlands for many years, they haven’t thought about the décor style that matches this lifestyle.

Now, fashion designers are taking inspiration from country living to create trendy, beautiful décor. Farmhouse design is defined by functional living space, painted cabinets, and wood planked features. New construction can be designed with a rustic touch, making it look warm and rugged at the same time.

Often, these décor themes are focused on white painted kitchens with brown, black, or burlap accents. The colors in the room are earthy while adding a touch of modern style at the same time. Some homeowners are incorporating unique farmhouse features, such as a sliding barn door in front of the pantry or a large farmhouse sink in the kitchen.

Wood Windows and the Farmhouse Style

If you are designing a home with a farmhouse style, then there is no doubt that wood windows will look great! Since wood features are used throughout the home, it makes sense to maintain consistency with wood frames as well.

These window frames can be designed to match the other painted décor in your home. Or, you might choose a unique color that adds a pop of personality or a touch of contrast. The possibilities are limitless when you are using wood! You can choose any paint color that you desire.

Most homeowners find it best to keep neutral paint colors on the window frames, making it easy for décor changes in the future. The windows can stay constant and still look great if you decide to adjust the color theme in the future. Use the furniture, curtains, and other decorations to incorporate the other colors that you want to include.

It is Time for New Windows

Whether you are renovating your home or working on new construction, it is important that you look at the best ROI for your family. Wood windows are a great solution because they improve the value of your home and upgrade your lifestyle at the same time. These products can be designed to match any design theme that you decide to use.

You can stick with natural wood stains so that you can see the grain of the wood with a dark or light color. Or, the frames can be painted to match your preferences.

Right now is a great opportunity for you to add new windows Boise ID to your farmhouse style home. Talk to us at View Point, Inc. by visiting our showroom: 6715 W State St, Boise, ID 83714. Call when you are ready to schedule a consultation: (208) 854-1877

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