Should You Invest in Wood Windows When Upgrading Your Boise, ID Home?

When you make the decision to invest in replacement windows, you need to consider how different design styles will impact the appearance of your home. The style of your windows will not only change the look and feel of the property, but these windows will also impact comfort and function.

Wood windows have a traditional, classic style that looks great in many homes. Do you prefer wood over other materials, such as vinyl? Talk to a window expert to learn about the cuts and colors of wood that will look best on your Boise, ID home.

Benefits of Wood Window Frames

Why should you choose wood instead of vinyl? Material selection is a personal preference overall. But, here are a few reasons why our customers love wood windows:

  • Durability: High-quality wood is made to last, but you need to hire a contractor who will ensure proper installation. The wood needs to be properly sealed to hold up in the extreme temperature fluctuations here in Boise. Sealed wood will keep out the cold temperatures and snow in the winter as well as the sweltering heat of the summer. Properly sealed wood can decrease your utility costs because of the energy efficiency upgrades in your home.
  • Insulation for Energy Efficiency: As mentioned above, high-quality windows are an excellent choice if you are looking to install energy efficiency upgrades. It is estimated that wood is more effective at keeping your home insulated compared to both vinyl and steel windows.
  • Timeless Style: Wood windows have been around for a long time, offering a classic and clean style for any home. Old, historic homes look best when you maintain their style with wood windows. At the same time, modern, contemporary homes can look nice with wood frames as well.
  • Customization: If you have a specific layout that you desire for the windows, wood can be a great option because of the customization features available. Wood frames can be shaped into any style and you have a wide range of paint colors that can be used. Some people select basic frames and panels, while others prefer intricate carvings or crown moldings.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: It is commonly thought that wood is the worst material when it comes to long-term maintenance. Most people will choose vinyl if they are looking for a low-maintenance solution. But wood will hold up for many years if it is installed The key is to ensure proper sealing, which reduces the likelihood that you will be dealing with leaks or pests. Select a long-lasting sealant to minimize your maintenance. Cleaning needs to be done twice a year with a soft cloth and a little bit of water mixed with liquid soap.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing wood for your Jackson Hole, WY replacement windows. If you want to know more about these products, we invite you to contact our team at View Point, Inc. You can visit our office at 6715 W State St, Boise, ID 83714. Or call to set up a consultation with a window expert: (208) 854-1877.

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