Protecting Replacement Windows From Paint Jobs

Protecting Replacement Windows From Paint Jobs

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When you get replacement windows in Eagle, ID, you have invested in those windows and it’s important to protect that investment. Getting the windows has done a lot for your home and that’s wonderful. But you don’t want to ruin anything on those windows if you decide it’s time to paint the house, either inside or out. Here are some things you can do to protect your new windows from the paint that you will be using on the house.

Tape The Windows

It is wise to tape around the windows so they are protected from the paint that you are placing on the walls or on the siding. Taping the windows with the right kind of protective paint will help you get a straight line around the windows and it will keep you from getting any paint on the windows themselves. Once the paint is dry, you can remove the tape and the windows are still their original color without any dots of paint on them, just as you wanted.

Protect With Plastic

If you are afraid that paint might splatter and hit the window’s glass, you might want to protect that glass with plastic. When you are preparing to take around the windows, perhaps lay some cheap plastic over the tops of the windows, then tape around it. You can protect the window frames and the glass at the same time. You are able to protect the entire window from any paint this way.

Use Good Tools

Having the right tools can be very important to painting around the windows. You want to be able to paint a straight edge without getting anything on the window. You might be able to use a roller on most of the walls, or a paint sprayer on the rest of the house, but around the windows, you want high-quality tools that can help you with the edging to protect the windows and give you the right angles.

replacement windows in Eagle, ID

Paint Before Replacing

The best way to protect your new windows from any paint jobs is to think ahead and perhaps paint the home before the windows go in. That way, it really doesn’t matter what happens to the windows. You can do whatever you want to do around them because they are going to be removed soon and you can have fresh windows installed around the new paint job so everything looks great at once.

If you don’t paint before the replacement windows in Eagle, ID go in, it’s important to protect them so you don’t get paint on the vinyl windows. You don’t want anything to happen to brand new windows, that’s for sure. And the professionals at View Point, Inc. can help you with tips and advice on how to protect those windows from painting and other things you might do around them as time passes. If you have yet to get the new windows installed, contact us for a free consultation and we can help you with the project from there.

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