Maintenance Tips for Wood Windows in Boise, ID

Maintenance Tips for Wood Windows in Boise, ID

If you are considering wood windows for your Boise, ID home, then you need to understand the ongoing maintenance tasks that will be needed for these products. Here at View Point, Inc. we offer quality materials that will improve the appearance and function of your property. We can discuss the anticipated maintenance tasks for all types of window materials.

Why Wood Windows?
There are many benefits to choosing wood window frames. Wood is a natural material, giving your home a beautiful, classic style. Homeowners often like the grounding appearance that is created when wood is used for the window frames.

Whether you are renovating a historical home or you are building a new home, it is easy to see why you might choose wood. It is easy to create the beautiful style that you desire!

One benefit of wood is that you can change the color and finish of the wood if you decide to redecorate in the future. Wood can be sanded and stained so that you can update the colors to match the other elements of your home. Other window products, such as vinyl or metal, can’t be painted or changed in the future without installing new windows.

Don’t Neglect the Maintenance
If you choose wood, it is important to know that the materials will need regular maintenance. These preventive repairs are designed to protect the quality of the materials, and keep your home looking good for a long time.
Failing to keep up with the maintenance could cause the wood to crack and rot due to weather exposure. Eventually, the windows can start to leak water and air. If drafty air is coming through the windows, then it will have a negative impact on the climate control in your home. Leaking water can lead to serious issues caused by water damage.

It is important to keep the wood sealed with the right materials, helping you avoid these potential issues. A little bit of work can go a long way to protect your investment in quality windows.

Sanding and Repainting
The most common type of maintenance that might be needed is to keep the surface of the wood sealed. At times, the wood might need to be sanded, and then a new coat of paint can be applied to the wood. A quality finishing product will seal the materials to offer the weather durability that you desire.

One of the benefits of sanding and repainting the windows is that you can create a new style of your home as desired. So, if you are changing the exterior finishes on your home, then the window frames can be repainted to match.

Beautiful Windows for Your Home
There is no doubt that your home will look great with beautiful wood windows. These products will create the stylish residence that you can enjoy with your family. If you are interested in learning more, then you can schedule a consultation with our team here at View Point, Inc. Visit our convenient location at 6715 W State St, Boise, ID 83714. Or call for details about these products: (208) 854-1877

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