What Maintenance Tasks are needed for Wood Windows in Boise, ID?

What Maintenance Tasks are needed for Wood Windows in Boise, ID?

When you are ready to upgrade the style of your home, you need to consider the benefits of investing in wood windows. There are many other products and materials available in the industry. But, wood offers the timeless beauty that will always look great.

Benefits of Wood

Why should you choose wood over vinyl or some of the other window materials? These are some of the benefits that you can enjoy after we are done with the installation:

  • Durability in All Weather Conditions: Regardless of the weather outside, your wood window frames will hold up against the elements. These windows stay strong during the cold winter months and the hot summer months. Just make sure that they are properly sealed to maintain the long-term durability.
  • Keep Your Home Warm: When the snow is coming down outside, you don’t want to be shivering in your home. Wood windows offer better insulation compared to vinyl or metal frames. Combine wood with double-paned glass for the best energy efficiency results in your home.
  • Customizable Styles: Wood can be customized in any way that you can imagine. You can cut the wood into any shape without worrying about a mold. This material can be painted or stained to match the rest of your home. If you change your décor style in the future, then the wood can be refinished to match.

Maintenance for Your Wood Windows

After the wood windows are installed, will you need to spend a lot of time on maintenance and repairs? Wood has a bad reputation for burdensome repairs. While it is true that regular maintenance will be needed, it isn’t too much work if you keep up with the schedule.

These maintenance tasks might include sanding and sealing the wood as needed. If you use the right sealant, then this maintenance work will last for years. Additionally, it can be helpful to clean them with a little bit of liquid soap and water once or twice a year.

Failing to keep up with the sealing of the wood could increase your risk of damage to the window frames. This damage includes problems such as pests coming into the home, leaking windows, peeling paint, or cracked frames. But, these problems can be easily avoided if you reseal the wood consistently.

Should You Invest in Wood Materials?

When you are picking new windows Boise ID for your home, it can be a hard decision to choose the right windows. Are wood windows at the top of your preference list? Then, you need to talk to a window expert to compare the benefits of wood with other materials, such as vinyl.

Our team at View Point, Inc. offers the best windows in the Boise area. We want to make sure that you choose the products that will best meet the needs of your family. If you are interested in learning more, then we invite you to come to our showroom at 6715 W State St, Boise, ID 83714. Call us right away to schedule your complimentary consultation: (208) 854-1877.

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