Inspecting The Home For Window Replacement Needs

Inspecting The Home For Window Replacement Needs

It’s never fun to realize you need window replacement in Rexburg, ID, but wouldn’t you rather know sooner instead of later so you can avoid paying as many high energy bills as possible? Old windows can be drafty and uncomfortable and they can become safety hazards in a number of ways as well. Instead of waiting around, hoping the windows will hold out, inspect them and see if they need window replacement. You might see something that takes just a minor repair to sort out or you might notice something a bit larger. Either way, information is power when it comes to your windows. Here are a few things to watch for as you look over your windows with care.

Watch And Feel For Rotting Wood

If you have older windows, they might be made from wood. Wood is a great insulator, but it’s sensitive to the elements, which is why you have to paint and scrape it every year or two. If you or a previous owner didn’t always keep up with maintenance, it’s quite possible that water has gotten to the wood. Feel around the frames and if you see any brittle spots or feel any soft spots, you have rot settling in. Once rot is there, it really can’t be repaired and it certainly isn’t going to get better. Window replacement is your best option.

Check For Bubbles And Cracks

As you look at the windows from outside, look for cracks and bubbles around the sides of the frames. Inside, watch for that on the walls. These small blemishes will tell you that the frames are allowing water in around them. The damage is minor for now, but it won’t go away either and will only get bigger with time. You will want to get new windows installed as soon as you can, and you will want to check for mold around the windows as well so you can eradicate that issue if it exists.

Find Gaps, If They Exist

You can’t always see gaps around the window frames (if you can, run to the window replacement store right away), but frames can warp over the years and you might have small gaps that are letting the air through. Choose a windy day and feel around your windows from the inside. Do you feel the air coming in from outside? Having a new window installed will increase your efficiency and make your home much more comfortable for everyone who lives there.

How did your windows check out? Is Rexburg, ID window replacement in order? If you’d like details on the process, the experts at View Point, Inc. can help supply answers for your questions. Give us a call at (208) 854-1877 for a free consultation appointment and we’ll help in any way we can. You can also stop by our showroom at 6715 W State St Boise, ID 83714 and start to look over the window options to determine your preferences and rating needs.

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