Information about Quality Windows and Other Cold-Weather Energy Savings Tips in Boise, ID

Information about Quality Windows and Other Cold-Weather Energy Savings Tips in Boise, ID

Do you worry about your monthly budget when the weather cools down outside? Boise, ID is beautiful during the summer months. But, the winter weather can be brutal if you don’t have high-quality windows. Here at View Point, we are working hard to provide affordable energy efficiency solutions for our customers. Consider these options if you want to improve the efficiency of your home:

Seal the Doors and Windows

Weather-stripping and other sealing repairs are essential if you have old windows. Cracks and gaps can form around the doors and windows, bringing in cool air from outside. These drafts make it hard to control the temperature in your home. Even if you have a good heater, it will turn on frequently throughout the day because the air is lost through these gaps.

Schedule a consultation with an experienced window repair and installation team. You can block the gaps and improve the quality of your home. When you are talking to the experts, compare the pros and cons of window maintenance with installing new windows.

Install Replacement Windows

If the windows are too old and worn, then it might be a waste of your money to pay for sealing and maintenance. Instead, invest your money into replacement windows that are built to last. These products are durable in all weather conditions, helping to improve the comfort and insulation of your home.

We offer many energy efficient windows Meridian ID features, such as multiple panes of glass, quality frames, and Low-E coating. These features help to reduce your energy usage so that you can save money on utility costs. Plus, you will feel good about the reduction of your carbon footprint.

Upgrade the Thermostat

Consider the benefits of upgrading your thermostat to install smart technology. Old thermostats need to be adjusted manually, making it difficult to keep up with the temperature fluctuations throughout the day. For example, you might forget to adjust the thermostat when you leave for work so that the heater will be warming an empty house all day long.

Smart technology can be integrated into the thermostat so that you can program temperature adjustments throughout the day. Set a schedule for the morning, afternoon, and evening hours. Consider your daily activities and set the thermostat to adjust when you are gone.

One benefit of smart technology is that these thermostats can often be linked to your cell phone. So, if you are planning to come home early from work, you can use the app to adjust the thermostat so that your home is warm when you arrive. This technology makes it easy to adjust the temperature in your home from any location. Optimizing the use of your heater helps to reduce expenses and cut your carbon footprint.

Do You Need Replacement Windows?

How much will new windows impact the energy efficiency of your home? The best thing that you can do is schedule a time to talk to the experts here at View Point, Inc. Visit our showroom at 6715 W State St, Boise, ID 83714. Or, call to set a time for an in-home consultation: (208) 854-1877.

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