Getting More Privacy With Replacement Windows

Getting More Privacy With Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Eagle, ID

There are lots of things you can get with replacement windows in Eagle, ID. Most people are concerned with energy efficiency first, and that’s a good idea to think about. You want your new windows to lower your energy bills and make your home comfortable. The good news is that even if you get standard windows, you will get higher levels of efficiency. But it’s okay to have more than one goal for your window project. You might also want a certain appearance in your new windows and perhaps even more privacy. Here are a few things to consider when you want privacy in your home—new windows can help.

Consider The Most Private Rooms First

There are some rooms that need privacy pretty much at all times, like the bathroom. You might consider those windows first to ensure you get the privacy you need. If you already have windows in that space and you are just replacing them, you could put a frost on the glass so people can’t see in. That way, you can leave them open to the light, but still get the privacy you need. If you are adding windows, consider putting a window high up above the tub so you get light, but no prying eyes. You could also put in a skylight for the same reason.

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Remember Window Coverings

There are other rooms of the house where you might want privacy sometimes, and natural lighting and ventilation other times. Think about the bedroom, for example. You might want the best of both worlds there. Remember that you can get window coverings that are versatile. So putting in normal windows, and then covering them with shades that can go up and down whenever you want can be a good fit there. You can do a variety of things with window coverings in different rooms of the house to give you the privacy you need.

Privacy And Light At Once

In the kitchen, you might want natural light all of the time, but you might also not want people to be able to see in at the same time. Consider café shutters or blinds. These go up the bottom half of the window, but leave the top half open. You can get light from the top and privacy on the bottom so no one can see you cooking and eating.

There are lots of other options if you need privacy in your replacement windows in Eagle, ID and the professionals at View Point, Inc. Windows can help you every step of the way. We’re used to homeowners having lots of different goals and we want to help you include every one of them in your final results. Give us a call for a free consultation and tell us about your budget, your efficiency needs, your privacy goals, and anything else you want to put into the windows. We’re here to help you put this puzzle together to end up with everything you want for your project.

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