Decorating Entry Doors

replacement windows in Meridian, ID

There are lots of things you can do to make your home a more welcoming, inviting place to visit. If you have old windows, for example, you might want to get replacement windows in Meridian, ID to put a fresh look on your home and to give it efficiency on the inside, which will heighten comfort. But you can also direct the eye to the entry door and make it look welcoming and homey. Here are a few options to consider.

Wood Cut Out

You can visit craft shows and get wood cut outs of many different kinds. You can even get different cut outs for different holidays so you can change them based on the season. It’s a nice greeting and can make the door look stylish and inviting to anyone who approaches your home.

Monogram Letter

Consider getting some letters, perhaps made of wood or even metal, that signify the family name. You can hang that on the front door as something people will recognize as an example of your family name. You can do just the last name in one big letter or you can put smaller letters around the last name letter to showcase the first names of those who live in the home.

Basket Of Flowers

Whether you like real, fresh flowers, or prefer something fake that won’t wilt and die off, you could hang a basket on the front door and fill it with flowers. Flowers can always bring a smile to the face and are a nice greeting on any door.


You can find wreaths to go with the season as well and you can change out the wreath based on the popular colors of the season you are in. It can make the door stand out and gives the house a decorated look without going overboard with anything.

replacement windows in Meridian, ID

Picture Frame

Put a picture frame on the door, perhaps surrounding the peephole, if you have one, and give it a new sense of style. You can get something plain, but ornate frames with more decorative value are often the way to go. Find something at a thrift store and if it gets too weathered, you can always replace it later.

Chalkboard Sign

If you want to put different messages on the door, hang a chalkboard sign on it. You can welcome different guests you know are coming by writing their names on the board. Or you can just write seasonal greetings or other things that people will enjoy as they approach the house.

If you are trying to decorate the front door of your home, that can make it look warm and more inviting. But if you want your house to have a fresh look overall, and more comfort and efficiency inside, you may want to look into replacement windows in Meridian, ID. The professionals at View Point, Inc. are here to help you with recommendations if you’d like to have a free consultation. There are no obligations to move forward until you are certain you are ready.

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