Biggest Reasons Not To Self-Install Replacement Windows

Biggest Reasons Not To Self-Install Replacement Windows

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If you’re a handy person, there are probably lots of things you can successfully do around your house. But when you get replacement windows in Boise, ID, installing those yourself is a big no-no. There are lots of reasons why this is against what you need to do, for the good of your house, but here are some of the biggest reasons.

1-Lack Of Experience

You may have lots of experience with various home improvement projects. You may have even helped a friend install a window before. But do you install windows are a regular basis? Like, daily? Do you have manufacturer training on the right way to install windows? Most likely not. And if you don’t have those things going, you aren’t experienced enough to do the job. Things can go wrong and you will have to take the blame for it. If the windows don’t perform right, they aren’t worth the investment and it could be all because of the installation.

2-It Could Take Forever

When you hire professionals to paint your siding, it takes them a day or two. When you do it, even if you know exactly how to do it, it could take weeks. When you aren’t a professional in any job, it’s going to take longer. And if you don’t know how to install windows, the process will be much slower. IT takes the pros of about half an hour per window. Even if you can do it in twice the amount of time, it’ll take you days to get them all done. And they might not even be done right, at that point.

3-The Warranty Is Flushed

When you look at new windows, one of the things you should think about is the warranty. You want a good warranty with any window you get. Even if you get the best warranty out there, if you install the windows yourself, that warranty is gone. It will no longer be honored. So that voids the purpose of having a warranty in the first place. You definitely want that warranty in place for anything that might go wrong in the future.


If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, there’s no telling when you might drop something or crush something else. You can get seriously hurt when you try to install windows. While you might have insurance to cover yourself, it’s never fun to be injured doing something you could have had someone else do with ease.

If you need replacement windows in Boise, ID, there’s no need to go to the trouble of getting the new windows and then trying to install them yourself. Sure, it costs extra to have installers do the job for you, but they’re professionals and you’ll get out of the windows what you put into them. If you want them to perform as their labels promised, professional installation is the only way to go. Plus, it’s easier on you and the warranty stays in place. Contact View Point, Inc. for details.

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