Adding New Features To A Bathroom

Idaho Falls, ID replacement windows

If you’re going to renovate just one room of the house, it’s either going to be the bathroom or the kitchen. While the bathroom isn’t somewhere your family hangs out, it’s probably the most-used room in the house and it’s important that it operate efficiently and effectively. Sometimes, you might have to re-do the whole room while other times, just changing some of the features can help. Idaho Falls, ID replacement windows can add natural light and ventilation, for example. Here are some of the features you might consider adding to your bathroom to make it just the right room for your family.


If you only have a small mirror over the medicine cabinet now, consider a bigger, bolder mirror. Adding a mirror can make the room look larger since it reflects the space. IT also bounces the light around, which brightens up the room more. If you only have room for a small mirror, get something decorative to add style to the space.

Shower Enclosures

Is your shower closed off by a shower curtain now? Adding a door of some kind can help the space get extra style and look larger. If you put a basic door in that is made from bubble glass, you can see through that door and the room feels larger and less closed off. It also adds value to the space over a simple shower curtain. You can have doors that slide back and forth or those that swing open, depending on the type of space you have.


Bathrooms don’t generally have a lot of space for extra decorations, but you can add a theme to the room in practical ways. Replace the trash can and soap dispenser, for example, with things that bring a pop of color. Get hand towels to match and carry the color scheme all the way through the room. You might add a small flower vase to the counter and other little items to bring the whole thing together.

Replacement Windows

Does your bathroom have windows now? Consider replacing them with something new and fresh. If you don’t already have new windows, you might want to add one. Many people like to add a long window above the bathtub, for example, or something smaller by the toilet or shower for ventilation. You could also put in a skylight to give you the natural light you want while maintaining all of the privacy you need.

If you are ready for Idaho Falls, ID replacement windows in your home, consider what that element could do for your bathroom at the same time. Adding the right windows to the bathroom can give you the natural light you’ve always wanted in that space along with possible ventilation options. Contact the experts at View Point, Inc. for details at (208) 854-1877. We want all of the right things to come together in your home for you. Stop by our showroom to take a look at examples at 6715 W State St Boise, ID 83714.

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