There are plenty of things that homeowners do that could cost them money in the long run. One of those is that they don’t take certain home improvement projects as seriously as they should. This means that if you’re thinking about replacement windows or doors for your Sun Valley, Idaho home, you could end up throwing some of your money away, if not all of it.

All by making one of the more common mistakes that people make when beginning this process. What is that mistake?

They shop based on saving as much money as possible on their replacement windows.

Why you shouldn’t focus on price first.

You likely have become used to trying to get the best deals on everything that you buy. You might go out of your way to clip coupons, go through the Sunday flyers and determine what stores will offer the best savings on everything that you need.

It’s good to be frugal and not waste your money. However, when it comes to home improvement projects, the moment you begin trying to save money above everything else, you begin to focus on the wrong companies and the wrong products that won’t actually do your home, or your family, and real justice.

This doesn’t mean that you should throw caution to the wind and spend more than you need to for your new windows or doors. However, when you focus on the price first, it’s going to lead you to certain major companies, the national chain types, and that will more often than not lead you to feel as though you didn’t get the best deal in the long run.

In other words, once you end up having those windows installed in your home, you may sit back, look at them, and wonder why you don’t feel any different in your home. You will likely be thinking that they look just like the other windows, that they didn’t look any different whatsoever. And then you’re going to begin to understand a small sampling of what it means to take your time and find the right replacement windows for your home.

What happens when you focus on cost first?

The moment that you begin to focus on the cost of your replacement windows above everything else, you’re going to change the entire dynamic of what is important. There are several factors that are important when it comes to getting the right windows for your home. The first is comfort and style. If you are not comfortable in your home, if you don’t have windows that fit the style of your home –not just the interior but also the exterior, then you’re going to be missing out on something special.

When you focus on the cost of the windows, you are going to be comparing price first, rather than quality or style of window.

For example, let’s keep this simple for a moment. Let’s say that you have a pair of double hung windows in your bedroom and they are old. You can see the poor condition of the frame, maybe the glass is pitted or scratched in several places, and it just looks old. You think that replacing them with two new double hung windows is the best option.

Fair enough. So you find the lowest priced windows that you can, and you have them installed. Maybe they’re installed properly, maybe there are mistakes or the installer cuts a corner and you end up with a significant draft coming around the frame of the window. That’s one concern, but for the most part, we’ll assume that the installation was done properly.

Within moments of the installation, you look at the windows and they look modern, new, clean, and the glass is clear. You’re happy with the results. You set out to put the blinds or curtains back up and you’re pleased with the results. Within a few days, though, you start to notice more houses in the neighborhood, or even in home improvement magazines, and you realize that those windows that are in those homes don’t appear to be standard windows. They actually seem to fit the style of the house more. Now you’re thinking that those new windows don’t do anything to improve the way your home looks.

Now you’ve spent a lot of money on replacement windows and they didn’t do anything to boost the appeal or even the value of your home. By the following winter, you notice that your heating expenses are only slightly lower. You thought that new windows would make a world of difference. Forget the fact that you might have been able to get a gorgeous looking bow or bay window for your bedroom, but you just didn’t look into the true energy savings that those cheap windows miss out on.

Where should you focus your efforts first?

While we don’t advocate for anyone to just throw good money away, even if you find windows that are perfect for your home, if they are outside of your comfortable budget range, then they aren’t perfect. It’s just that when you focus first on price, you limit yourself to very few options, and usually become trapped by slick sales talk from the companies that offer low end, low quality windows while they pass them off as being the same as the best ones.

You should focus your efforts first on what you would like with new replacement windows or doors for your home. Leave the budget out of the equation at first. Take a look around your home, see some samples of different windows, and get a sense of what you feel would be ideal for your home and your family.

From there, you can then shop around the see how much this will cost you. You’ll learn more about quality windows and doors and then you’ll be able to find the ideal windows and doors that will fit your budget.

If you want to learn more about finding the perfect windows and doors for your Sun Valley home, contact the experts at View Point Inc.

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