Okay, so you’ve been kicking around the notion that it’s time to seriously think about replacing the windows in your Rexburg home. It’s not that you really want to, but the more time that goes by, the more you realize that you simply can’t avoid this reality any longer.

Maybe you have wanted to get a new front door for your home. You keep looking at the same, standard looking door every time that you pull up the driveway and you believe that an ornate door, maybe an arched oak door, would simply do your home’s exterior, and interior more justice.

These are generally thought of as nothing more than expenses for homeowners. They don’t treat this with the same concepts that they would with regard to other projects around the house. For example, if you’ve been thinking about redoing the bedroom, what would you be thinking about doing?

Would you consider repainting the walls? How about having the flooring sanded and refinished? Or maybe you have wall to wall carpeting and that could use replacing. What about the bedroom furniture? Maybe you’re just tired of your bedroom set and you’re looking for something new.

Do you consider this to be a home improvement project? If so, then you’re going to take more time and shop around for the right products, correct? You’re not likely going to choose the cheapest carpeting that you can possibly find, would you? You will be willing to spend more money to get the bedroom furniture that is ideal for you, your tastes and style and comfort.

However, believe it or not, this isn’t technically considered a home improvement project. It’s not going to add any real value to your home. Sure, it will help you feel more comfortable at home, but it’s not going to do anything to increase the value of your home, either monetarily or assessed value.

Home improvement projects might include renovating the kitchen, redoing the bathrooms and modernizing them, maybe adding a Jacuzzi tub, or finishing an unfinished basement.

It could also be working on the roof, installing a new one, or even adding on an addition to your home. Those are home improvement projects. Not changing your bedroom or painting the living room a new color.

Replacement windows and doors are also home improvement projects. That’s right, when you get new windows or doors for your home, if you choose wisely and make the proper investment in them, then you’re going to find that the value of your home will actually increase. How much it increases will depend on a number of factors, including how energy efficient the windows or doors are and how appealing they are with the rest of your home.

If you focus on saving as much money as possible on new replacement windows, you’re not going to see any real improvement in your home. Sure, they will look cleaner, newer, and the glass may be clearer, but that’s not going to offer your home any real advantages.

Why it’s important to consider replacement windows and doors to be a home improvement project.

Why would you ever consider replacing the roof on your home? It has to be done every so often. The average roof will last for about twenty years. Sometimes less, sometimes longer. It all depends on the weather, the wind, and even the trees that surround your house.

At some point, though, you’re going to have to face the possibility of replacing the roof on your home. Why would you need to?

Mostly, it’s because the older that a roof is, the more likely it will be that it will leak. When it leaks, then you’re going to have problem inside your home. It’s going to compromise the integrity of so many parts of your home. The weaker that a roof becomes, the more at risk your home becomes to being significantly damage.

What kind of damage would you expect from a bad roof? Your walls, the ceilings, and other structures within your home could become rotted. This could also lead to mold and mildew. Those are not things that any homeowner wants, so at some point, they need to address the condition of their roof and they may need to replace it.

Are you going to cut corners when it comes to fixing or replacing your roof? In other words, would you ever consider hiring the cheapest contractor to do the work, even if they don’t have any real experience working on roofs?

Not likely.

Yet that is exactly what too many homeowners do when they consider replacing the windows or doors in their home. They don’t see this as a home improvement project, so they focus on trying to get whatever they can at the cheapest price, just so that they finally have new windows and doors in their home.

Stop. Take a moment to understand that next to the roof, your windows and doors are the most important structures in your house. They protect against the weather and keep you and your family safe within your home. As a result, they deserve the consideration that you would give any other serious or significant home improvement project.

How does this translate to shopping for windows and doors?

When you accept that your windows are that important, and that your doors are too, finding the best replacement ones for your home will begin at businesses that specialize in this home improvement project.

That means focusing on local companies that have been installing and selling windows and/or doors for homeowners throughout the Rexburg and surrounding areas for years. You’ll want experience, knowledge, and professionalism on your side.

While we at View Point Inc would love to talk to you about your replacement windows or door needs, we understand there are other options. We invite you to contact us when you value your home and understand how important this aspect of your home is, not only for safety, but for energy efficiency as well.

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