You work hard and that means you want your home to be a comfortable place in which to relax. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the evening and you just worked yourself up a good sweat throughout the day or you sat in an office for ten hours … you want to be comfortable at home. It’s the main reason millions of homeowners spend billions of dollars every year on home improvement projects.

They want to be comfortable in their homes.

There are several home improvement projects that you could work on that would help you unwind and relax at your Pocatello home. You could actually run a long list of projects that would make a difference for your comfort at home. They might be:

  • Renovating the kitchen
  • Redoing the bathroom
  • Putting a new roof on
  • Building an addition
  • Converting the basement into usable rooms
  • Replacing the windows or doors in your home

If you’re looking at the top 3 home improvement projects, then you should consider then to be, in the order of importance:

  1. Replacing/ repairing the roof
  2. Replacement windows or doors
  3. Renovating the kitchen

These three key home improvement projects will not only help you improve the condition of your home, but they will also likely boost the overall value of your home, if they are done right.

What does it mean to do a home improvement job wrong?

There are plenty of ways to do a home improvement project wrong. First, you could end up focusing on just getting the basics done and miss out on the great opportunity that these projects offer you as far as boosting the comfort factor of your home, or its inherent value.

While you may think that any type of home improvement project is going to be a benefit, they aren’t all beneficial. What happens if you hire a contractor who doesn’t have a license, who doesn’t have insurance, and doesn’t get the proper permits? While most of us don’t appreciate the endless intrusion of government agencies into our lives, getting permits to have certain jobs done is almost a necessity today.

If you don’t get the proper permits, or you cut corners to try and save money, you could end up having the tear out all of the work that was done. Even if you’re able to keep the work and then pay a penalty, your homeowners insurance might not be willing to pay out on a claim if there is ever any damage. This could be especially true if you have roof work done.

Imagine spending a great deal of money to renovate your roof only to find out after the fact that the contractor didn’t have the right experience, didn’t use the proper materials, nails, or left the tar paper out of the equation, and you had to spend more to fix the problem?

That’s why you take your time and find a qualified, experienced roofing professional to do the job. If you cut corners, you could end up experiencing damage to your home as a result, and then you might be out not only the money that you spent on the home improvement project, but also on any damage that your home sustains.

What about a kitchen renovation? How could you do that the wrong way?

You could start by taking bids and choosing the cheapest bid. This might come from someone who has a long list of experience, but more likely it will come from someone who either doesn’t have as much experience as another company, or who doesn’t have the right licensing or insurance and bonding.

Now, you will likely pay some portion of the total cost of this project up front. As a result, you will end up having to assume this contractor will show up with the right materials and on time. Sometimes they don’t and you could be out that money, finding out the hard way that it’s tough to track down people who do this all the time.

Then, if you have them show up, the countertops might not meet flush, the flooring could be uneven, or you may find leaks under the cabinets. It’s a frustrating experience and you quickly realize that you’re going to have to spend more money to have these problems fixed. Depending on the type of counters, appliances, and other materials you chose, this could be impossible, requiring all new materials.

As far as replacement windows and doors are concerned, you can do this wrong by choosing a company that focuses on luring you in with incredibly low prices. You can make mistakes by not thinking enough about what your home and all the rooms in it could use with new windows.

Did you know that when you get replacement windows, you could end up getting completely different types of windows? For example, maybe you’re tired of the single picture window surrounded by double hung windows in the living room. If so, then you could get something new. How about a bow window? That might open up your living room more or give you some new design ideas.

When you start your process of replacing the windows in your home by understanding what’s available and what you could do with these new windows (completely transforming your home), then you will be in a better position to make the right decision for your house, yourself, and your family.

We often think a lot about home improvement projects and when we do, we have a tendency to give a lot of thought to what we can or should do to make our home more comfortable.

When you realize that it might just be time to replace the windows or even the doors in your home, spend the time to consider all of the possibilities that await you with this home improvement project.

When you do, you’ll be ready to contact a company like View Point Inc. We specialize in replacement windows and doors for Pocatello and the surrounding region.

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