Hardware Gallery
EBE85 represents a new generation of cutting-edge energy-efficient window and door frames due to the enhancement of the insulating area and to the reduction of visible sections. Technically the width of the profiles makes it possible to use thick triple glazing windows, with high thermal, acoustic and safety performances and to use concealed hinges and locks for a more elegant design.
OS2 is an innovative window and door frame system with minimal bulk for sustainable architecture, providing historical buildings from the mid 19th-20th century with door and window frames that visually recall those times. Narrow sight-line, thermally broken, window and door system. Available in all RAL colors or custom colors, Steel, Bronze, Stainless Steel & Cor-Ten. Thin,Thermal break profiles allow for a wide range of windows, rectangular, shaped or curved.
EBE 65 is the technological answer to the ever demanding building performance requirements: safety, energy saving, maximum comfort, low maintenance costs. EBE65 system meets the most demanding requirements while offering, at the same time, different design solutions. This is possible thanks to its performance features, its wide choice of opening systems and its complete set of system accessories.